Spinner and the Duke of Prunes
by Dan Drazen Mazur
Addiction & Recovery
Trail of the Warrior
by R. H. Pfeiffer
Hello, My Name is Bunny! London
by Matt Bloom
Celeste: The Celeste Beard Johnson Story
The Exclusive Biography
by Nancy Hall and W.R. Mesiano
Book Cover Design-Fiction
the skin of dreams:
new and collected poems 1995-2018
by Quraysh Ali Lansana
Get Noticed. Be Remembered.
by Krista Clive-Smith
Spritzing to Success with the Woman who Brought an Industry to its Senses
by Annette Green
Come On, America
by Mary Bogest
Career ReCharge: Five Strategies to Boost Resilience and Beat Burnout
by Beth Benatti Kennedy
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2019 Distinguished Favorites 

New York City Big Book Award

Sidewalk Stories How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes by Wendy K Gray and Kian Ahmadian.
Illustrated by Kate Shannon
Bean's New Home
by Rey A. Banda
Dream and Aspire
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There's a Monkey in My Backpack!
by Don M. Winn
Love Light
by Kris Paradis
My Little Light
by Cathleen J. Lang
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Comics and Graphic Novels
Waves by Ingrid Chabbert (writer),
Carole Maurel (Illustrator),
Edward Gauvin (Translator), Deron Bennett (Letters)
Contemporary Novel
City in a Forest
by Ginger Pinholster
Crime Fiction
Three's a Crowd
by David Benjamin
Cross Genre
In the Shadow of War
by Patrick M. Garry
Death & Dying
Honoring Your Ancestors
by Mallorie Vaudoise
The ABCs of Law School:
Diary of a First Year Student
by Teresa Power
Banished From Memory
by Mary Sheeran
Knowing God
by Donald Allen Kirch
The King of No: A Financial Firefighter
by Loyall Wilson
General Fiction
Life In Stone
by Vinoda Revannasiddaiah
General Fiction
A Rebel's Road Home
by John J Schaffer
Historical Fiction
Angels on a Tombstone
by J.F. Foran
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Historical Fiction
Farewell My Life: Buona Notte Vita Mia
by Cynthia Sally Haggard
Historical Fiction
The Girl from the Lighthouse: A Novel
by Willard Thompson
Historical Fiction
When We Were Brave
by Karla M. Jay
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Historical Fiction
Listen to the Wind
by Susanne Dunlap
Domestically Yours: A Caregiver's Inspiring Journey by Annie Chua
What Matters
by Phil Rainwater
Reverberations: Haikus and Photographs
From a Different Perspective
by Charles E. Rawlings, M.D, J.D
Juvenile Fiction
Magdalena Gottschalk: Lindtzl Kingdom
by M. Gail Grant
Juvenile Fiction
The Mystery of the Lost Avenger
by Linda Maria Frank
Grounded: Leading Your Life with Intention
by Nancy M. Dahl
Literary Fiction
In the Shadow of War
by Patrick M. Garry
Literary Fiction
Go Down the Mountain
by Meredith Battle
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Frozen Dinners - A Memoir of a Fractured Family
by Elaine Ambrose
Going to Wings: a Memoir
by Sandra Worsham
Hoosier Hysteria: A Fateful Year in the
Crosshairs of Race in America
by Meri Henriques Vahl
The Longest Trail
by Roni McFadden
UNCHARTED - A Jade Sculptor's
West Meets East Audacious Journey
by Lyle Sopel
Middle Grade
The Red Coat
by Madge H. Gressley
Military Fiction
by Alexandrea Weis
Military Nonfiction
Silent Spring - Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War
by Patrick Hogan
Mind, Body, Spirit
Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live
by Mari L. McCarthy
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Mind, Body, Spirit
The Accidental Yogini
by Tracey L. Ulshafer
Multicultural Fiction
Jamhuri, Njambi & Fighting Zombies
by Ted Neill
Skulduggery in the Latin Quarter
by David Benjamin
No Good Deed: A Sam Dawson Mystery
by Steven W. Horn
The Red Hand
by Michael Stephen Daigle
New Adult Fiction
Death by the River
by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor
New Nonfiction
Giza's Industrial Complex: Ancient Egypt's Electrical Power & James Ernest Brown,
Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak
Paranormal Thriller
The Holy Water Incident
by William Dorian
Parenting and Family
WoW! What a Trip!
by Susan M. Tarrant
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Picture Books - Ages 4-8
Granny Mouse Ears
by Jo Anne Cushman Burrill
Picture Books - Ages 4-8
Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons
by Joseph Goodrich
No Small Gift
by Jennifer Franklin
Laughter Includes the Word:
Revealed, A Life of Poetry
by Doug Snelson
Local Color
by Anne Born
Preteen Fiction
The Journal of Angela Ashby
by Liana Gardner
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Preteen Fiction
The Message in the Painted Rock
by Tom Blanton
Preteen Fiction
Charley's Horse
by Judith Shaw
Dog Water Free, A Memoir
by Michael Jay
Buy The Little Ones A Dolly
by Rose E. Bingham
Discovering Love Online: Love May Be Closer Than You Think
by Chuck Miller
Science Fiction
The Neuromorphs
by Dennis Meredith
Self Help: General
Make Outstanding Things Happen with Center of Excellence
by Ajaya Gupta
Self Help: Spiritual
Heal Your Soul History- Activate the True Power of Your Shadow
by Tracee Dunblazier
Self Help: Spiritual
The Road To Peace Runs Through The Valley Of Death
by Paul Greenbaum
Self Help: Spiritual
The Last Day of Regret
by Matthew J. Diaz
Short Stories
Thylacine Dreams: 6 Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy
by Jonathan Maas
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Short Stories
The Patron Saint of Lost Girls
by Maureen Aitken
Small Books
Treasures and Travails
by Chuma Mbaeyi
Small Books
Smart Pretender
by Allison Joseph
Social/Political Change
Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG Days
by Sanjay Lahiri
Social/Political Change
The Least Likely Criminal
by Cindy McDonald & Jeni Grossman
365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World
by Pierre Pradervand
Freedom Song
by Emma Farry
Sports - Fiction
The Cage Fighter
by Paul Greenbaum
Sports - Fiction
The Backwards K
by J. J. Hebert
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Sports - Nonfiction
The Miles and Trails of a Marathon Goddess
by Julie Weiss
BOMBay- Tryst with Terrorist
by Soni Shalini
Thirteen Across
by Dan Grant
by Janet K.Shawgo
The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Vacation
by Robert W. Lucas & Stephen A. Tanzer
Western Fiction
Sarah's Secret:
A Western Tale of Betrayal and Forgiveness
by Beverly Scott
Young Adult Fiction
The Adventures of Jules Khan:
A Teenage Muslim Superhero
by Karim Kassamali Devji
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