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The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Zoey Tirado is blamed for the deaths of her parents and raised under the cruel control of her wealthy uncle Max. He is a narcissistic abuser who scars Zoey's future forever. Zoey manages to escape, but she feels powerless and alone, and her life spirals out of control. Finally, Zoey is ready to get help. She is taken under the wing of a champion female fighter, who guides her on a journey of transformation and empowerment. The fighter helps Zoey to strengthen her body and mind, and Zoey rises above her past. She focuses on her ultimate goal: exacting the perfect revenge. The Dragonfly Rises is the first installment in the Perfect Revenge series. It is a sexy and thrilling saga that is packed with romance, espionage, street justice, and more. Zoey's emotion-filled metamorphosis from a guilt-ridden child into an inspirational success is a page-turner that every woman can relate to.
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Publication Year:

Wild Dragonfly Press



Category Awarded:


Women's Fiction

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