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Lem Moyé

Finding Your Way in Science: How to Combine Character, Compassion and Productivity in Your Research Career


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Finding Your Way In Science 2nd edition, lays out for the scientist the principles that can produce and sustain the character growth that guides the development of the scientific professional. The central thesis of Finding Your Way in Science is that the relentless pursuit of productivity is not a worthy career goal for the junior scientist. While productivity is and will be a fundamental attribute of the professional, there are other core themes that must be allowed to develop, appear, and exert their influences as well. The presence of self-control and patience, of moral excellence and compassion, of discipline and flexibility are as critical to the development of the junior scientist as is the acquisition of technical skills. The presence of these traits engenders collegiality, persuasive strength, responsibility, administrative diligence, influence, and vision, i.e. the qualities of charitable leadership. Each of the topics in this book is discussed with the goal of not just imparting tactical advice to the investigator, but as part of the general theme that the investigator must develop their professional character in parallel with their productivity record. Like the apples of gold in settings of silver, good character and productivity must go together to develop strong scientists. The audience for this book is broad in scope. It is written at a level for all advanced graduate students, post doctoral researchers, and scientists. It is applicable to all scientific fields, and to researchers in industry, government, and academic institutions.
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