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Richard C Brusca

In the Land of the Feathered Serpent


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In the 1980s, many countries in Latin America were struggling to break free from decades of dictatorial rule. In this turbulent time, a bright but naïve young marine biologist named Odel Bernini found himself on a journey of discovery in Central America and Mexico. Odel's journey took him through the lowland jungles of the Petén rainforest and the 10,000-foot high sierras of Guatemala's Maya realm. Along the way, he got caught up in dirty politics, was seduced by a dark siren, and nearly killed by a Cyclops. He also encountered the world of Maya mysticism, which transformed him in unexpected ways. Odel's journey is an adventure story and mystery that explores themes of truth and deception, trust and love, the dark heart and bright hope of humankind, and personal growth. The facts, places, and most characters in the story are real, but Odel Bernini and his close friends are purely fictional.
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Literary Fiction

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