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Robert J. Moore

Resilience - Based on a True Story of Robert J. Moore


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Have you ever felt lost, lonely, and like your own worst enemy? Moore never thought he would become the person he did. Alcohol and drugs were the highlight of his life. He'd do anything to get them, including lying, stealing, and robbing others. He became a very angry man and spent a lot of time in jail. After almost 36 convictions and years of drinking and drugging, he became emotionally numb and didn't know how to react to anything. On September 7, 2005, he started a difficult journey to break free from his old life. The book tells the story of the emotional rollercoaster he was on and how he got sober and clean while getting a college education. Today, Moore owns a successful business and has been featured on
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Publication Year:

Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc.™



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Addiction and Recovery

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