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Kylee J. Marshall

Of Dirt and Wildflowers, A Memoir: On Growing the Courage to Bloom


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

“And we don’t always know it or understand it at the time, in the season, but nothing grows without a good amount of dirt.” Life is messy and beautiful, full of both dirt and wildflowers. In her book Of Dirt and Wildflowers, Kylee Marshall helps us to: * Re-examine the stories we tell ourselves about our past, both the ones that were told to us and the ones we created. * Embrace the present moment, even the mundane and ordinary parts of life. * Dream big and take risks, even if it means letting go of perfectionism. Marshall reminds us that life is not about the dirt in which we are planted, but about the space we take up as we grow. She writes with poetry and imagery, offering a message of hope and resilience to anyone who is struggling to find their way.
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Publication Year:

Spring Creek Publishing



Category Awarded:


New Nonfiction (First-time Published)

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