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Anna Pierre

THE SCAMMER: How I eluded a scammer who wanted to turn me into a Cash-cow


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

A youthful-looking, middle-aged writer, singer, political activist, registered nurse, gifted communicator, and social influencer, Ms. Anna Pierre stands out of the crowd whether you get to meet her physically or in cyberspace. By character and disposition, she cannot be described as nondescript or boring. You feel her presence in any habitat she chooses to operate. She is easily a crusader’s crusader whether she is trying to push a cause like the International Fathers’ Association which she founded, a product like her ubiquitous ZOTOBRE product brand or book, or a candidate for political office. It’s thus not difficult to imagine that she would be a target of the scamming industry that has fleeced many people of hard-earned billions in the past decade. US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimated that $547 million was lost to romance scams in 2021, part of a $1.3 billion dollar heist since 2017. The FBI’s figure is even higher, with 24,000 victims across the United States reporting approximately $1 billion to such scams in 2021 alone... Dr. Yinka Tella
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New Nonfiction (First-time Published)

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