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Ben Burgess Jr.

Mothers Vol. 1


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In 1995, Juanita Wilson's life was turned upside down when her husband, Maurice, was killed by a stray bullet. Juanita was left a widowed single mother with two young children and no financial security. She was forced to sell her belongings to give Maurice a proper burial and to make ends meet. Two years later, Juanita's youngest son, Jerami, was diagnosed with cancer. The medical bills quickly piled up, and Juanita was forced to take on a job she hated at a prestigious law firm to pay for Jerami's treatment. She worked long hours and was often stressed and exhausted. Meanwhile, Juanita's oldest son, Jalen, began to feel neglected. He felt like his mother didn't have time for him because she was always working or taking care of Jerami. Jalen started to hang out with a bad crowd and was eventually lured into the streets. Juanita was determined to do whatever it took to provide for her children and keep them safe. She worked tirelessly to pay for Jerami's medical bills and to keep Jalen off the streets. She was a brave and strong woman who never gave up, even when things seemed hopeless. Mothers, Vol. 1 is a riveting prologue to the award-winning novel, Defining Moments: Black and White. It tells the story of a mother's love and sacrifice for her children.
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Publication Year:

Legacy Books LLC.



Category Awarded:


Cultural & Social Issues

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