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Robert A. Karl

CLUBBED THREE: Darkness and Light


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In the final book of the CLUBBED trilogy, CLUBBED THREE: Darkness and Light, the main characters must adapt to changing situations. Joey and Henry, the owners of Club Sanctuary, must decide whether to maintain the rules that have kept their relationship strong or make changes after Joey broke those rules. Henry tightens his control to achieve his desires, but can Joey meet the new demands being placed on him? The book also introduces new voices to the narrative, bringing new perspectives on the LGBTQ community's fight for acceptance and equality, as the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to rage. Both the main characters and the community they represent enter into darkness. Will they emerge into the light? Each book can be read as a standalone in the CLUBBED series. However, the complete series tells the story of a community committed to enjoying life even in the midst of overwhelming struggles. The mix of historical and fictional people and places provides authenticity within the art of storytelling. This is not a story of despair, but rather a story of hope, courage, joy, and optimism that is still relevant today. (WARNING: Explicit)
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Robert A. Karl



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LGBTQ Fiction

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