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This book is about a girl named Bliss who is learning the value of old and new friendships. This book also helps parents talk and ask questions of their children about their feelings, and about how they interact when encountering new and old friends. Wells and Baker prompt the reader by asking questions of everyday situations: Do you enjoy going to school? Do you have a favorite teacher? What games do you play with your friends? The genius of this book is that it asks questions, and more impressive is the level of engagement a few simple questions elicit. The book is full of illustrations showing children of diverse ethnicities and abilities engaging each other as friends. The interactivity and thought-provoking questions, coupled with the culturally diverse group of friends, made this book worthy of a Distinguished Favorite status by the 2022 NYC Big Book Award.
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Childrens Fiction

Bernadette Wells and Carl Baker

Bliss and Her Friends

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