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Book Award Submission


Please complete the entry form or complete online​ and mail your book today.

​​Please include proof of paypal or check with your entry submission. Please make checks payable to: “NYC Big Book Award” and mail to:

NYC Big Book Award

63 Clinton Road

Glen Ridge, NJ  07028

Gabrielle Olczak

Phone:  (973) 969-1899

Recognizing Quality Books


This award is for independently and traditionally published authors, publishers, big and small presses.  Submissions are now being considered for 2024.

We accept books from anywhere.  It was considered that New York City was synonymous with 'the global publishing industry', yet the publishing industry has become democratized and truly global with great books coming from everywhere.  Now everyone, from big publishing houses to independent authors, has the opportunity to create great books and get recognized.   

We want to help find the audiences for these books and to celebrate the printed book in the town that makes authors superstars.

Please join us! We look forward to your book submission today. 

Submit via Online  |  Submit via Mail

Books are judged on presentation, editorial quality, and audience appeal.  Submissions are welcome in a number of categories: fiction and nonfiction, children to adult.  Audiobooks also welcomed.  View the category list here.   

Submit via Online  |  Submit via Mail

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