Pet Parent Pawffirmations: 30 Promises from You to Your Beloved Dog
By Donna Chicone
I Heard Your Dog Died
I Heard Your Dog Died: Imaginings for Those Who Have Lost a Pet
By Bonnie Kreitler
My Sister, My Daughter, and Me
By Shirley Rose Webb
Book Cover Design-Fiction
The Beauty Fools
By Kid Author
Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy
By Rebecca Lieb
Children's Fiction
Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery
By Christina Washington
Children's Fiction
The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly
By Sheryl Rene Davis
If You Were Me and Lived in... the Ancient Mali Empire: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time by Carole P. Roman
Can A Princess Be A Firefighter?
By Carole P. Roman
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2017 Distinguished Favorites of the

New York City Big Book Award

Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag (An Oh Susannah Story Book 1)
By Carole P. Roman
The Hug Store
By Rick and Shana Morrison
Dark Fantasy
Steel, Blood & Fire: Immortal Treachery, Book One (Volume 1)
By Mr. Allan Batchelder
Classics: Why and How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them
By Fiza Pathan
Forgetting Tommie
By Paula Paul
The Second Cup
By Sarah Marie Graye
There Is Always More To Say
By Lynda Young Spiro
Historical Fiction
A Northern Rebel
By John J. Schaffer
Historical Fiction
Mistress Suffragette
By Diana Forbes
Historical Fiction
Sins of the Empress: A Novel of Catherine
By Paula G Paul
Historical Fiction
The Monk Woman's Daughter
By Susan Storer Clark
Historical Fiction
Uchronia? Atlantis Revealed
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More Excellent Books at
The Dangerous Christmas Ornament
By Bob Siegel
Dodging Satan
Dodging Satan: My Irish/Italian Sometimes Awesome But Mostly Creepy Childhood
By Kathleen Zamboni McCormick
Legal Thriller
Justice Is for the Lonely
By Steve E. Clark
LGBTQ Fiction
A Fairytale of Possibilities
By Kiki Archer
LGBTQ Fiction
Born Out of Wedlock
By Lyn Gardner
LGBTQ Fiction
Orchid of the Night
By Joanne S. Bodin
LGBTQ Fiction
Secret Hearts
By Radclyffe
LGBTQ Fiction
You're Sure to Fall in Love
By Bruce K Beck
Not My Buddy
By Tracey Berkowitz
What Will I Wear to Your Funeral?
By Kellie Curtain
Great Encounter
By Paa Mannoh
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Banished Threads
By Kaylin McFarren
By Valentine Cardinale
Climbing the Coliseum
By Bill Percy
Nobody's Safe Here
By Bill Percy
Personal Growth
Finding My Way: Facing My Journey With Courage
By Donna Markussen
Picture Books - Ages 4-8
My Mummy is a Scientist
By Kerrine Bryan (Author),‎ Jason Bryan (Author),‎ Marissa Peguinho (Illustrator)
Picture Books - Ages 4-8
The Spectacular World of Waldorf: Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Empire State of New York
By Beth Ann Stifflemire and Barbara Terry
Learning to See in Three Dimensions
By Pamela Spiro Wagner
By Anne Born
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Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook By Jacque Phillips and Randy Chapman
Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook By Dr. Jacque Phillips, Esq. and Randy Chapman, Esq.
The Full Catastrophe: A Memoir
By Karen Elizabeth Lee
Secret Brooklyn
By Michelle Young & Augustin Pasquet
Women's Fiction
The Ropes that Bind
By Tracy Stopler
Why Knocked Up_ The Paradox of Sex, Magical Thinking, and  Accidental Pregnancy in This Age of Contr
Why Knocked Up? The Paradox of Sex, Magical Thinking, and Accidental Pregnancy in This Age of Contraception by Carol Cassell PhD
Young Adult Fiction
Shu Wei's Revenge
By Jackson Fahnestock
Young Adult Fiction
The Secret of Trail House Lodge
By Madge H. Gressley
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