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As a Winner or Distinguished Favorite, promote your award on all your marketing materials.  We provide an easy to download banner to promote your winner status.  In addition, you can purchase gold or silver foil embossed seals to put on each book you have already printed.  Lastly, we offer customized promotion to help get additional exposure to key book buying audiences.  Books recognized as a Winner or Distinguished Favorite of the New York City Big Book Award® is a celebrated honor given by industry experts, and you'll want everyone to know!


Books Eligible

  • Any book submitted is subject to eligibility of the New York City Big Book Award® selection committee.

  • Books must be in final published print form (sorry, currently no eBooks, galleys or advanced reading copies).

  • Audiobooks are the exception, and can be accepted digitally (include a corresponding code (Audible or Authors Direct please) for access or mail a CD).

  • Currently, there is no restriction on the year of publication for books submitted.

  • All titles must have an ISBN or Amazon's ASIN or related universal product code.

  • Please send one printed book PER category entered up to a maximum of four books for more than four categories.  Books can be sent directly from AMAZON, or other printer, under separate cover, but we strongly recommend that you complete the online application and online payment.

  • One Submission Form can be used for multiple categories, but each book must accompany a copy of the Submission Form

  • We reserve the right to move books into another category if it seems appropriate. 

  • New York City Big Book Award® is open to all English language books that are available for sale wherever good books are sold both online and in bookstores.  

  • This award is for ALL books and audiobooks from any classification of author and publisher. 

Book Submissions

  • Book submissions are to be mailed to NYC Big Book Award, 63 Clinton Road, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.  Our telephone number is (973) 969-1899.

  • Book submissions must be received by the published deadline to be considered, and any book received after deadline will be automatically considered for the next year's judging process.  

  • Book submissions cannot be returned. Each book entry should contain the official entry form, including your e-mail address and contact telephone number.

New York City Big Book Award® Refund Policy

All sales are final. There are no refunds. Only appropriate submissions will be eligible to enter the contest.  New York City Big Book Award® therefore reserves the right to refuse any material for any reason.

Notifications and Deadlines of Winners and Distinguished Favorites 

Winners and Distinguished Favorites in each category will be notified by e-mail.

Thank you for applying to the New York City Big Book Award®!


$99.00 per book entry/per category, then $79 for each additional category per title

  • All monies must be in U.S. Dollars

  • Please send one copy of the book per category entered with a maximum of four books (send no more than four books for five or more categories entered).

  • You can put all the categories in which you submit on one submission form but be sure to copy the submission form and put it in each book you submit in each category. IF you submit online and choose to have books sent from a third party (Amazon, Walmart, printer), no paperwork required.

  • All titles must have an ISBN and be published books available on

  • Winners and Distinguished Favorites will be notified by October with official announcement November, perfect time for book buying.

  • We are on a rolling submission process, with November 30, 2022 as the next deadline for the 2023 program.

  • All submissions are final. 

  • There are no refunds.

(All international checks or money orders must have “USD” or “US Dollar” pre-printed on the check/money order.)  

Please include proof of PayPal or check with your entry submission. Please make checks payable to: “New York City Big Book Award” and mail to:

NYC Big Book Award

63 Clinton Road

Glen Ridge, NJ  07028

To pay by credit card, use PayPal below or mail your check or money order (U.S.) with your book submission.​

Go to the Categories page, or click on link here to view the:


Pay by Check or using PayPal Online: Please use this form New York City Big Book Award Annual Online Entry Form and Online payment

OR Pay by Check - Offline:  Please use this form:  New York City Big Book Annual Entry Form - to be mailed with payment.


A BIG thank you for this past year's publishers and authors who participated:

The New York City Big Book Award® announces the  2022 Winners & Distinguished Favorites!           ​


New York, NY --  2022 was a record year for books awarded due to the high level of quality and diversity of books submitted. NYC Big Book Award received book submissions worldwide. Journalists, well established authors, small and large press, and first time indie authors participated in high numbers.  Entries were received from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.  Cities such as Ann Arbor, Edmonton, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver were among the entries.  Winners were recognized from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Sweden, and the United States of America.       


Awarded titles hailed from Blackstone Publishing, Friesen Press, Gatekeeper Press and Greenleaf Book Group Press.  Exemplary children publishers included Mango and Marigold Press.  Independent presses such as Gibbs Smith Books, Koehler Books, Rowman & Littlefield, and She Writes Press earned winner and distinguished favorite awards. AuthorHouse, IngramSpark, KindleDirect, and SDP Publishing were among the self-publishing platforms.  Lastly, HarperCollins, MacMillan, and Penguin Random House were among the large publishers that entered.    


 "We are elated to highlight these authors' books, recognize their excellence, and share their achievements." said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.  "We look forward to showcasing these titles to a larger audience."


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