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Deborah Tant

Things that bite in the Night


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Riley’s Grandma Luppilou said “Listen, dear Riley, to what I tell you”.“Don’t go down to the field at night,because there are things out there that will surely bite.”What type of things? Riley asked.“Well, there are Kangaroos and Wallabies,Foxes and Snakes and so much more for goodness sakes.”   This children's picture book is a bedtime story about the adventure of Riley the dog and his brother Monty-moo, two Australian Labradoodles. Riley lives in the Australian, Queensland, hinterland where he and Monty Moe meet not your everyday suburban animals during a night walk that they were advised by their grandmother not to do. This would suit children from the ages of two to eight years old with beautiful illustrations. The book is about an exciting adventure and an effective way to introduce why listening is important along with the beautiful habit of reading that brings fun and joy to your children at bedtime.
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Childrens: Animals & Pets

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