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Angel A

Holy Parrot


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In the remote Colombian Department of Magdalena, a young science student named Leo Lumière is tasked with discovering something special in the Caribbean fishing village of Buritaca. Maria, a local woman, claims that she has been visited by a parrot who told her that she will be the mother of a savior. Leo is skeptical at first, but he soon begins to witness strange and miraculous events that challenge his scientific reasoning. Is Maria really the virgin mother she claims to be? Or is there something more sinister at play? As Leo investigates, he is torn between revealing a crime and protecting Maria from those who would harm her and her unborn child. Tens of thousands of people soon converge on the region, hoping to witness Maria and her parrot. They all chant one phrase: "Loro Santo" - Holy Parrot. What is the truth behind the parrot's prophecy? And what will happen to Maria and her child? The answers lie in the heart of the Colombian jungle, where science and faith collide.
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Publication Year:

Angel's Leap



Category Awarded:


Multicultural Fiction

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