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Joel Shulkin

Adverse Effects (The Memory Thieves series, Book 1) (Memory Thieves Series, 1)


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Cristina Silva, a Boston psychiatrist, is determined to help her amnesiac patients recover their lives. She prescribes Recognate, a revolutionary new memory-recovery drug, and achieves near-miraculous results. Cristina herself lost her memories, so she understands her patients' suffering. She takes the drug herself, and her memories start to return. However, one of her patients, a successful accountant, jumps to his death from an eight-story window. As Cristina's memories return, she also experiences violent visions and hears a voice in her head. She wonders if the drug is safe. If she stops taking it, she will forget everything she has remembered, but if she continues, she could be in danger. A mysterious man appears at Cristina's bus stop. He seems to know more about her life than she does. He says she holds a secret that puts her life in danger. Cristina is caught between an unknown past and a terrifying future. To survive, she must stay on the medication and unlock her memories, even if the drug destroys her.
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Publication Year:

Blackstone Publishing



Category Awarded:


Medical Mystery / Thriller

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