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Norbert Soski

ONLY HUMAN - Guide to our internal Human Operating System and Achieving a Better Life


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Only Human is a book that takes a new approach to spiritual enlightenment. Instead of focusing on the traditional spiritual concepts, it looks at human nature from an engineering perspective. The author, Norbert Soski, deconstructs the way we think and how we can use this knowledge to find a better, more fulfilling life. Soski compares our human nature to that of a computer. He explains that we have an internal operating system (iHOS) that controls our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This iHOS is constantly learning and evolving, and it can be changed and improved. The book is divided into four major sections. Each section focuses on a different aspect of our iHOS. The first section discusses our base instincts and needs. The second section explores how we respond to emotion. The third section examines our beliefs and thought patterns. The fourth section provides practical exercises that we can use to improve our iHOS. Soski writes from a teaching perspective, and he encourages the reader to do the work necessary to gain a better understanding of themselves. He believes that we all have the potential to change and grow, and he provides the tools we need to make that happen. Only Human is a thought-provoking and inspiring book that can help us to live more fulfilling lives.
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Straight-Up Soulutions



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Personal Growth

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