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Bruce Miller

Beware the Ides of March: A Novel Based on Psychic Readings


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Do you believe in fortune-telling? You will be after reading this spine-chilling true story! A young law student is told a terrifying prophecy by his girlfriend's mother, a psychic. The psychic breaks down in tears as she foresees the murder of a young pregnant woman by ruthless criminals. She begs the law student to prevent the tragedy. Years later, the law student barely remembers his girlfriend, but the prophecy has lodged itself in his brain. Perhaps it's because it was the only time he's ever had his fortune told. Then, the horrifying events he was foretold start to happen. Tormented, he struggles to stop the killing as other heart-pounding and unforeseen events occur. He battles on and on as the events collide and confuse him. This is a fully revised and professionally edited psychic thriller based on a true story.
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Publication Year:

Pacific Trust Holdings NZ, Ltd. and CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



Category Awarded:


Paranormal Mystery / Thriller

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