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Emmanuel Laroche and Elizabeth Falkner

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door: 50 American Chefs Chart Today’s Food Culture


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Here's an inside look at the minds of the world's top chefs and bartenders. Through interviews with renowned culinary leaders, such as Gabriel Kreuther, Antonio Bachour, Johnny Spero, Chris Cosentino, Elizabeth Falkner, Edward Lee, Jose Garces, Fermin Nuñez, Dan Kluger, and Farmer Lee Jones, the reader will learn about their personal experiences, inspirations, and creative processes. Also, discover new flavor combinations, unique ingredients, and techniques that will spark one's culinary exploration. This book is a culinary and travel adventure that is "behind the scenes" of some of the most innovative kitchens in the United States. It's a must-read for anyone who loves food and wants to learn more about the people who create it.
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Publication Year:

Morgan James Publishing



Category Awarded:


New Nonfiction (First-time Published)

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