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Savannah Cannon

Corporal Cannon


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

“...a dramatic, sobering account of prejudice and the mistreatment of women in combat zones." - Publishers Weekly Corporal Savannah Cannon, a young United States Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 to support Operation Enduring Freedom. She was a tactical data networking specialist, but she was not allowed to repair communications in her unit because she was a woman. Her experiences in the combat zone shed light on the unique and difficult positions that women are placed in when supporting combat roles. Cannon was ostracized by her family, friends, and even her fellow Marines. She was forced to make difficult choices that would have a lasting impact on her life. Her story is not one of a heroine, but rather a raw and honest account of the challenges that women face in the military. Corporal Cannon's story is a reminder that mistakes in the battlefield can have dire consequences, both personally and professionally. However, she also shows that it is possible to heal from our mistakes and move on.
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Casemate Publishers



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Military Nonfiction

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