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Dena Lefkowitz

Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Laws for a Successful Career without Burning Out or Selling Out


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Law school teaches law students how to think like lawyers, but it does not provide them with a roadmap for how to maintain a satisfying and successful career. This can leave many recent law graduates feeling stuck, unsatisfied, and unable to advance their careers. Author Dena Lefkowitz bridged that gap for herself, has taught these missing lessons to hundreds of lawyers as a professional coach, and laid out her processes and techniques in this book. In Winning in Your Own Court, she shares 10 laws she developed during her 20-plus years as a successful attorney. Lefkowitz shares stories of lawyers who struggled with business development, didn't make partner, encountered career dilemmas, were unhappy in the law, or loved their job but didn't know how to get to the next level. She then helped them build a book of business, make partner, achieve more in their practice, or even transition to another career. She and her clients did all of this using the techniques presented in her book.
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ABA Book Publishing



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