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Dustin Grinnell

The Empathy Academy


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

The Empathy Academy is a novel that explores the ethical implications of using genetic technology to predict and enhance complex human behavior. The novel raises questions about the nature of empathy, whether it is something that is innate or can be learned, and whether it is possible to create a society without empathy. The novel follows the story of Monty Hughes, a high school student who is sent to the Empathy Academy after he tests positive for a genetic predisposition for unethical behavior. Monty is initially resistant to the Academy's methods, which involve a combination of therapy and gene editing. However, as he gets to know the other students and staff, he begins to question his own beliefs about empathy and whether it is possible to change who he is. The Empathy Academy is a thought-provoking novel that explores the complex issues surrounding genetic engineering and human behavior. The novel does not provide easy answers, but it does raise important questions that we will need to grapple with as we continue to develop new technologies that can alter our genes.
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Publication Year:

Atmoshere Press



Category Awarded:


Science Fiction

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