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Mark Hutson

So Costly a Sacrifice


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In the spring of 1944, four telegrams arrived at a farmhouse in rural Utah. Each one brought devastating news to the mother of the household, who fainted each time. Seventy years later, Army veteran Mark Hutson discovered a World War II service flag in a dusty cabinet at an auction. This discovery inspired him to collect other service flags and tell the stories behind them. One night, he came across the name Borgstrom, a family of immigrants who had sent five sons to war. The Borgstroms were private people, but Hutson was determined to learn their story. After years of research, Hutson used Gunda Borgstrom's own words, as well as correspondence from military commanders and President Roosevelt, to piece together the Borgstroms' story. In his book, "So Costly a Sacrifice," Hutson tells the true story of one family's enormous sacrifice during World War II.
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Publication Year:

Atmosphere Press



Category Awarded:


Military Nonfiction

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