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Todd Caponi

The Transparent Sales Leader: How The Power of Sincerity, Science & Structure Can Transform Your Sales Team’s Results


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In his book The Transparent Sales Leader, Todd Caponi challenges traditional sales leadership methods and offers a modern, science-backed framework that is easy to implement. This framework is based on the principles of transparency and intrinsic inspiration, which Caponi believes are essential for building high-performing sales teams. The book provides a clear and concise roadmap for sales leaders, covering everything from setting expectations to motivating and inspiring their team. Caponi also shares his own experiences as a sales leader, providing valuable insights and advice. Hitting a revenue target is not the goal of sales leadership, Caponi argues. Instead, the goal is to create a culture of transparency and intrinsic inspiration that will allow your team to grow and succeed. By following the principles outlined in The Transparent Sales Leader, you can build a high-performing sales team that will consistently exceed expectations.
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Ideapress Publishing



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Sales & Marketing

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