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Gary E Smith

To Hunt Men


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

With descriptive scenarios and commentary on the psyche of both terrorist killers and those honorable few who are "willing" to step forward when action is called for. Warren Steelgrave has been pulled away from the quiet, contemplative evenings on the veranda and writing. He is compelled to investigate a suspicious young art dealer on behalf of Catherine Ricci who is Warren's friend and ex-lover. Follow Steelgrave carefully as he uses courage and skill to uncover a murderous scheme of international proportion. Led by men willing to sacrifice their own lives to resurrect a once "noble" cause long festering in their hearts. He must maneuver through a world of corrupt art sales, drugs, and Chinese gangs. Warren uses his trusted resources of old friends, the FBI, and the local Carabinieri to deduce and anticipate what these "perceived" patriots are about to unleash.
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Publication Year:

Gatekeepers Press



Category Awarded:


Political Thriller

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