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Thomas LeBrun

Sticks and Stones; A Cameron Stone Action Thriller


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Raines, a protector, saved his client from a fatal blast, but it came at a great cost. He lost everything, including his friends, family, and his sense of purpose. He sank into despair and solitude, but he also began to train in martial arts, seeking revenge for his losses. One day, Raines met Tosh, a Japanese master martial artist. Tosh helped Raines to find his purpose again and to let go of his anger. Raines eventually emerged from his darkness a stronger and more determined person. Cameron Stone is another protector who has also lost everything. He is constantly called away on dangerous assignments, and he knows that he could die at any moment. However, he is determined to never back down from a challenge. Cameron's girlfriend, Sara, is a skilled martial artist and parkour athlete. She supports Cameron in his work, and she is always ready to fight alongside him. Raines, Cameron, and Sara are all very different people, but they share one common bond: they have all experienced loss and pain. They have also all found strength and purpose in their respective journeys. They are all winners in their own way, and they are all determined to make the most of their lives.
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