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Sara B. Fraser

Just River


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Fraser's novel is a humorous and compassionate story about the resilience of ordinary people. The story is set in Wattsville, a small city a few hours north of the city. The Otis River flows through Wattsville, and the people who live there are often overlooked and marginalized. Sam is a cross-dresser with a voice like Tina Turner's. He is best friends with Carol, a cashier who stress eats. When Carol's daughter Garnet is imprisoned for defending herself against a violent boyfriend, Sam and Carol set out to save her. Their plans have unintended consequences. An innocent boy is blamed for their actions and kidnapped, a dog gets poisoned, and Garnet's life is imperiled as parole becomes a distant dream. In the end, it is the river that offers up justice for these heroes-at-heart. But they will need to be able to swim to reach it.
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Black Rose Writing



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