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Lem Moyé

Catching Cold: Vol 1 - Breakthrough: Hearts Must First Break to Strengthen (A Precovid-19 Novel)


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Dr. Jon DeLeon, a brilliant but troubled scientist, is obsessed with finding a cure for the common cold. He and his motley crew of eccentric scientists, who call themselves CiliCold, work tirelessly to test his hypothesis. However, their efforts are repeatedly thwarted, and their support team begins to lose faith. Meanwhile, attorneys Jasper Giles and Cassie Rhodes, who work for the ruthless SSS Pharmaceutical Company, learn of Dr. DeLeon's work through the deposition of CiliCold's ex-accountant. They are intrigued by the promise of his research, and they infiltrate CiliCold to learn more. Dr. DeLeon is on the verge of a breakdown, both financially and emotionally. He is blind to the danger posed by SSS, and he is unaware that they are planning to destroy his company. Only the final, staggering observation of Dr. DeLeon and his team can save them from SSS. With the help of another takeover target of SSS, they are able to preserve their findings, which have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of the common cold.
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Medical Mystery / Thriller

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