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Lem Moyé

Catching Cold Vol 3 - Judgment


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Dr. Jon DeLeon, CEO of CiliCold, Meredith Doucette ex-CEO of Triple S Pharmaceuticals and Olivia Steadman, ex-regulator for Tanner Pharmaceuticals independently pursue ambitious plans to rein in a pharmaceutical industry that is out of control. The war is waged on the scientific, litigious, and legislative fields. CiliCold discovers the chemical language cells used to communicate with each other, and implementing nanotechnology and molecular machines, engages the cell’s own protein production process. While Olivia develops sweeping legislation in Congress, Meredith takes the unprecented step as a CEO of testifying against her own company. Damaged in their pursuits of remedies for the industry, they plow ahead, until a public health debacle of unprecedented proportion forces their work to the forefront. The world holds its breath…
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Medical Mystery / Thriller

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