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Maeve DuVally

Maeve Rising: Coming Out Trans in Corporate America


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Maeve struggled with depression and self-loathing for many years. She tried AA and rehab, but nothing seemed to help. It wasn't until she transitioned to her true gender identity that she finally found peace. Maeve worked as a manager of public relations for Goldman Sachs, so she knew that transitioning would be a challenge. She didn't want to keep her identity a secret, but she was afraid of how her colleagues would react. At first, Maeve kept her identity a secret by changing clothes in the lobby bathroom after work. But eventually, she decided to come out to her colleagues. To her surprise, they were accepting and supportive. Maeve's story is an inspiration to other transgender people. She shows that it is possible to find happiness and acceptance, even in the face of adversity.
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Publication Year:

Sibylline Press



Category Awarded:


LGBTQ Nonfiction

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