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Susan Marie Chapman

Growing Up Is Hard To Do Part 1


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Baby Manatee is not looking forward to turning two years old. She knows that when she turns two, she will have to leave her mother and live on her own. Baby is scared and doesn't know how she will survive without her mother. "Remember that we are proud Manatees," her mother tells her. "We are peaceful and kind to others." Baby understands, but she still doesn't understand why the other fish don't want to play with her. "One day," her mother says, "you will meet your soul tribe." Baby doesn't know what a soul tribe is, but she hopes that it means she will find friends who will accept her for who she is. Will Baby meet her soul tribe today? She hopes so. She is tired of being alone.
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Publication Year:

Canoe Tree Press



Category Awarded:


Preschool/Early Reader

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