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Scott Goodson and Chip Walker

Activate Brand Purpose: How to Harness the Power of Movements to Transform Your Company


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

The biggest challenge for leaders is to activate and implement purpose-driven brands for the people who matter, both inside and outside the company. Recent statistics show that more than 87% of consumers would buy a product from a company that advocates for an issue they care about, and more than two-thirds would refuse to do so if the company supports an issue that goes against their beliefs. We live in an age of activism, where conscious consumers are more socially aware than ever before, and this is reflected in their purchasing decisions. However, activism on behalf of brands is lagging behind. While many companies claim to be "purpose-driven," their purpose often ends up being nothing more than a plaque on the CEO's desk. In the worst cases, the "purpose" is used as a marketing ploy but is never actually put into practice. The book "Activate Brand Purpose" shows readers how to transform their brand's purpose into meaningful action by sparking a company-wide cultural movement that starts internally and spreads outward. Whether your purpose is lofty and socially conscious or simply business-oriented, focusing on engaging people will help you achieve your goals. People will respond if you can demonstrate that you are committed to your purpose and are working to achieve it, rather than just chasing the next dollar. This book provides a clear and proven framework for making this happen. I hope this is helpful!
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