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Dawn Casey

Little Bear: An Inuit Folktale


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

With a foreword by Inuit poet, translator, and politician Kelly Berthelsen.Little Bear is a lyrical retelling of an Inuit folktale, sensitively written by award-winning author Dawn Casey and radiantly illustrated by award-winning artist Amanda Hall. When a lonely old woman finds a polar bear cub with no mother of his own, she adopts him, and cares for him as he grows. The bear cub rides in her hood and sleeps by her side. The old woman loves the bear like her own child, but her heart also knows: bears belong in the wild. A tender story of loving and letting go, Little Bear celebrates the relationship between a human being and a wild animal and will touch the hearts of readers young and old.
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World Wisdom Books



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Book Cover Design-Childrens Picture Books

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