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Judith Sanders

The Huntsman


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

The quiet life of a small New England town is shattered by the arrival of a ruthless serial killer known as the Huntsman. The killer's calling card is a poisoned apple left at the scene of each crime, along with the victim's heart, which has been cleaved from their young body. The abductions seem to stop when the prime suspect, Lincoln Raider, falls into a coma after an accident. However, ICU nurse Max Mason is not convinced that Raider is the Huntsman. Max has his own dark secrets, and he begins to suspect that he may be sharing them with the comatose patient. When Raider awakens, Max is drawn into a vortex of terror, deception, and violence. The killer is still at large, and the clock is ticking down on the life of another woman. Max must race against time to stop the Huntsman before he strikes again.
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IronWord Press



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