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David J Miller

Sweating Together: How Peloton Built A Billion Dollar Venture and Created Community in a Digital World


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

In his book "Sweating Together", David J. Miller, PhD, takes readers on a journey into the heart of Peloton. Miller, a Peloton fanatic and George Mason University entrepreneurship professor, provides a first-hand account of the company's rise from a small startup to a billion-dollar venture. Miller begins by introducing the founders of Peloton, John Foley and Tom Cortese. He then describes how the company developed its unique business model, which combines interactive fitness equipment with live and on-demand workouts led by celebrity instructors. Miller also explores the role of community, arguing that the company has created a "rabid, life-changing community of members" who use sweat to connect with each other in the digital and physical worlds. Miller argues that Peloton is a harbinger of the future of fitness, and that its model could be applied to other industries. He also explores the challenges that Peloton faces, such as the need to maintain its high level of customer satisfaction and the threat of competition from other fitness companies. "Sweating Together" is for anyone interested in the business of fitness, the future of the digital economy, or the power of community. It is an engaging book that provides a unique perspective.
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Ideapress Publishing



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Business - General

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