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Michael Stephen Daigle

Dragony Rising


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Detective Nagler had seen his fair share of human depravity, but nothing could have prepared him for the sight of Warren Street erupting into a towering inferno. A section of the street was lifted into the air, suspended for a moment before crashing back down in a shower of debris. Wooden walls, bricks, windowsills, bed frames, refrigerators, and diner countertops all rained down, creating a scene of utter devastation. The only thing that remained untouched was a decorative antique clock two blocks away, its cracked glass face shielding its stopped hands. The clues to the devastating crime are few and puzzling, leading investigators down a rabbit hole of mystery. The trail takes them to a 15-year-old closed narcotics case, as well as a conglomerate of companies working towards a sinister goal. This goal disregards the ever-increasing body count, and it is clear that danger lurks in the shadows of Ironton. Detective Nagler is determined to solve the case, but he must be prepared to face the most dangerous threat of all: Dragony Rising.
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Imzadi Publishing



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