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Patrick Shattuck

Dawn's Web


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Dawn is a rebellious girl who is skilled in secrecy. Zander is a sullen boy with a fiery temper. Dr. Duncan Bright is a psychologist who treats patients with a variety of mental health issues. He is dedicated to helping his clients, but he is challenged by Dawn and Zander, two teenagers whose escalating violence and erratic behavior put him in danger. When a body is found in Central Park, Dawn and Zander are the prime suspects. The police come to Dr. Bright for his insight, and he is drawn deeper into the investigation. As he gets closer to the truth, his professional and personal lives are jeopardized. Dawn's Web is a gritty, page-turning psychological thriller that explores the twisted minds of Dr. Bright's patients, the motives of murderers, and his own flawed intentions.
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Genius Book Publishing



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