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Elizabeth Roderick

Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Grace Morgan is a music journalist who has been on the scene long enough to know that the life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll is just a dream. But after a messy divorce, she decides to give her dream one last shot. She moves to Los Angeles with her 21-year-old foster son, Zeus. They live in a motel on cup noodles and hope, until Grace finally gets a break: a story about Inez Carter, the hot-mess frontwoman of the popular band Karma Korn. The story delivers more sex, drugs, and rock and roll than Grace bargained for. Karma Korn's drummer, Nelson, has her rethinking her post-divorce vow of celibacy. And after they're invited to an elite Hollywood rave, where they mistakenly drink the electric Kool-Aid, Zeus is scouted to be the lead guitarist for another star band. But the story soon goes sideways. Someone is spreading rumors about Grace, trying to sabotage her career and reputation. Then someone tries to kill her. Grace is left frantically trying to connect the dots in the dwindling hope that she'll be able to salvage the story, her relationship with Nelson, and her life.
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Cinnabar Moth Publishing



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