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Benjamin Ryan

Madame Eldridge's Wayward Home for Unruly Boys


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Madame Eldridge's behavior program in the foreboding backwoods of Virginia has three official rules: What happens here stays here. All eight steps must be completed. Each boy is referred to by his problem, not his name. There is also one unspoken rule: don't enter the forbidden third floor bedroom which belonged to a boy who disappeared from the house eons ago. Despite the warning, Vandalize broke into the room and Stealer took something. As the unruly boys discovered bewitched artifacts with unusual abilities, they discreetly used them to complete Madame Eldridge's whimsical challenges. However, magic always comes with a price. When Fibbsy happened upon an object that thrust him back in time, he uncovered a long-buried secret about Madame Eldridge and the missing boy. But who would ever believe a liar? Bound by the house's enigmatic objects, Fibbsy, Defiance, Slob, and Secret forged a friendship as they ventured to unveil the truth behind the Wayward Home for Unruly Boys. Along the way, they discovered that the problems they were sent to the program to overcome were shrouded in a dark magic all their own.
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Tea With Coffee Media



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