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Casey Dembowski

Get A Room


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Brian Hawkins has had the worst year. He watched his girlfriend marry another man, lost his job and his apartment, and after a summer under his parents' roof, has taken refuge with his younger sister. A quiet few months in Philadelphia are just what he needs to clear his head and get back on his feet. But he's barely unpacked before the bane of his existence, his sister's best friend, shows up. His planned solitude is replaced by pop songs, rom-coms, and bright-pink hair. All that would be bearable, except there's only one extra bed, and there's no way he's sharing it with her. Sarah Webb didn't think anything could be worse than a marriage-proposal-gone-wrong walk of shame to her best friend's apartment. But she was wrong. So wrong. Because she's not just staying with Jess. She's also sharing space with Jess's older brother. Brian is grumpy and stubborn and—not that Sarah would ever admit it out loud—totally hot. He's also off limits, which is why she should let him have the bedroom, stop staring at his abs, and keep her distance. But playing nice isn't in her nature. As Sarah and Brian pull pranks and place wagers over who can lay claim to the bed, things between them start to shift. Sarah can admit that Brian has his moments, and Brian sees a side of Sarah she usually keeps hidden. When she needs a last-minute date for a charity gala where her doctor-ex is going to be in attendance, Brian seems like the perfect fake date. But as they spin around the dance floor, their fledgling friendship turns to something unexpected—and only one thing's certain: more than just the bed is up for grabs.
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Publication Year:

Red Adept Publishing



Category Awarded:


Romantic Comedy

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