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Adam Alexander Haviaras

Sincerity is a Goddess: A Dramatic and Romantic Comedy of Ancient Rome


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Felix Modestus, the leader of the renowned Etrurian Players, is summoned by a mysterious goddess who demands that he put on a play unlike any seen before across the Roman Empire. Felix must recruit his two estranged best friends, Rufio Pagano and Clara Probita, to help him with the production. Rufio and Clara once shared Felix's dream of theatrical greatness, but they left him to achieve that dream on his own due to embarrassment and inaction. When they each receive a mysterious letter from their old friend pleading for their help, a world of long-buried feelings is brought to the surface. Can The Etrurian Players give the Gods and the people of Rome a magnificent show in order to save themselves from ruin? Will Rufio and Clara pluck up the courage to face their own fears? If they don't, Felix stands to lose his company, his friends, and the life he loves so very much. Only with a little help from the Gods can they hope to achieve the greatness that lies within each of them. Sincerity is a Goddess is the first book in The Etrurian Players series. It is a heartwarming story of friendship and love that takes you on a bawdy and hilarious journey through the world of ancient Rome.
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Publication Year:

Eagles and Dragons Publishing



Category Awarded:


Historical Fiction

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