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Simran Sadana & Meena Iyer

Ramayana Through Ikebana


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

"Ramayana is an epic deeply rooted in Indian culture and religion, while Ikebana is an art of flower arrangement with its foundation in Japanese culture and Buddhist philosophy. In this book, key scenes of Ramayana are portrayed through Ikebana. The result is an innovative fusion of Indian and Japanese heritage. “The scenes from the revered Indian mythology, ‘Ramayana’ have been exquisitely depicted through the traditional Japanese art of Ikebana. A fusion of international art and culture certainly provides the literary work a new dimension.” - Amitabh Kant, G 20 Sherpa, Government of India “What an innovative idea to bring alive the immortal epic ‘Ramayana’ through the unique Japanese art of flower decoration, ‘Ikebana’ and thereby integrate art and culture! It is an exciting exploration of the world of visual delight and expanse of imagination.” - M.P. Bezbaruah, Former Secretary to Government of India, Former Member, North Eastern Council, Secretary General, Hotel Association of India & Permanent Representative (Hon.), UN-WTO “Heartiest congratulations to Meena Iyer and her student Simran Sadana! What a beautiful concept- ‘Ramayana through Ikebana’- both bringing forth meditative and beautiful emotions! One can appreciate the amount of endeavour and thought that has gone into putting together this beautiful work.” - Veena Dass, Riji, Director, Sogetsu School of Ikebana, New Delhi Branch. Conferred The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold & Silver Rays by HIM the Emperor of Japan"
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Ukiyoto Publishing



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Arts & Entertainment

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