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Richard C Brusca

The Time Travelers


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

The Time Travelers is a novel set in Mexico City in three time periods: the 16th century, 2026, and 2032. It recounts the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire, the founding of the first Mexico City (Tenochtitlan), and the building of modern Mexico City upon its ashes. The novel also explores the Aztec bloodline, which lives on today and holds ancient knowledge known to only a few. The discovery of a magnificent Aztec object buried near Mexico City's Zócalo and National Cathedral brings together an archaeologist, an odd Jesuit priest, a police detective, and two beautiful divas from two time periods in an unexpected and fast-paced mystery. The collision of characters and events, prophesized in an ancient Aztec codex, leads to an astonishing incident in which time is disrupted and the past and present collide.
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Book Cover Design-Fiction

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