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Dylan Madeley

The Redemption of Jarek


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Jarek, once considered the rightful heir to the throne, has been defeated in battle and exiled from the capital. He returns home to face a trial by his commanders, who are also fugitives by decree. Their land is a former province that has been cut off from royal support, but it is still held together by the loyalty of Jarek's soldiers. However, Jarek has sworn not to attack the capital, even though he knows that it is the only way to restore his rule. As Jarek's illusions about himself and his kingdom crumble, he receives a visitor who tells him how the people have suffered under his oblivious leadership. Jarek is forced to make a choice: either he can drink himself to death and watch as everything falls apart, or he can try to change his land for the better. The latter might be impossible, but it is the only way to redeem himself. Just as Jarek makes his choice, strangers arrive from a part of the world unknown to him. They are seeking a free and peaceful life, and they warn Jarek of a tyrant who is pursuing them. The strangers tell Jarek the story of their homeland, which has been ravaged by war and oppression. Jarek is faced with a new challenge: can he help these strangers find a safe haven in his land, or will he be forced to fight against the tyrant who threatens them? And what will it mean for his own quest for redemption? The answer to these questions will determine the fate of Jarek, his land, and the strangers who have come to him for help. (WARNING: Contains medieval violence/combat)
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