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Elle Stockton

Deadly Geminis and Other Short Stories: Fictional tales on a ride of twists, turns and the unexpected


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

A Crime Thriller, A Paranormal Romance, A Psychological Drama, An Occult Mystery, A Psychological Thriller, A Journey to Freedom, and A Reclamation of Justice—Serves up villains who get snared in their own webs of deceit! This Short Story anthology is a Killer! Those who have it coming get it from ghosts, hungry alligators and the devil himself! “Deadly Geminis”—Two eighteen-year-old female identical twins, Brenda and Brigid start dating in San Francisco, California before they go to college. Brenda’s double-dealing love interest deceives her about who he is and what he does for a living. Brigid helps her out of a dangerous situation. “Dark Reunion”—Sixty-year-old Anna Mae Holcomb’s phone rings off the hook, though the line is out. Her deceased fiancé is trying to communicate with her. “An Affair to Die For”—In Chelsea, New York, Detective Mike Kearny sweeps married Jeanette off her feet. This is the first affair for a shy, bookish, and attractive woman who’s fallen in love with a conniver. “Dark River of Sin”—In Chatmalla River of the Ozarks, Southern Missouri, it’s spring. A hooded, dark, shadowy figure has been feeding dead bodies to the alligators. Who’s next? “Death’s Door”—In Hollywood, California, when his wife’s grandmother moves in, Zack Zagarris, a narcissistic money-grubber gets his comeuppance. “The Devil Incarnate”—Trina and Berta have had enough abuse from their single father and flee from Tacoma, Washington to Prince George, British Columbia. They encounter a snag while starting their new life. “The Remembering”—A thirty-year-old man, Dave, surprises his father, Jerry on his sixtieth birthday in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. They haven’t seen each other for twelve years and much has changed. Tales of deceit, danger and deliverance—Don’t wait to read what happens next!
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Elle Stockton



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Short Stories

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