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Kaylin McFarren

Requiem For A Queen


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Samara Daemonium, a Nephalem (half-angel, half-demon) forced into captivity by Lucifer and crowned as his queen, struggles with her identity and daunting duties in Hell. She has yet to discover her full potential, even though she wields the powers of both supernatural species. Meanwhile, Lucifer's daughter Lucinda plots to kill her father and take the throne. She believes that Lucifer plans to bypass her as the next ruler of Hell, and she has kidnapped his new heir with the intention of killing him. Samara is faced with the threat of death for her part in an invasion, and her survival depends on revealing a dark secret. She has no choice but to depend on Lucifer and his Tracker Demons. Ultimately, Samara's journey of self-discovery teaches her the importance of family and friends, and reminds her that believing in the impossible is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.
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Creative Edge Publishing LLC


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