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Joel A. Davis Brown

The Souls of Queer Folk


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Leaders are constantly striving to improve. However, in today's world, where leaders are expected to do more with less, it can be difficult to lead in a distinctive, powerful, and transformative way. So, where can leaders turn to learn and develop new leadership skills? The answer may surprise you. In his groundbreaking book, Dr. Davis Brown argues that the values and norms of the LGBTQ+ community can teach us a great deal about leadership. Through quantitative and qualitative research, Dr. Brown studied the lived experiences and cultural values of the LGBTQ+ community. Based on his research, he developed nine leadership dimensions that show how understanding the cultural imprint of the LGBTQ+ community is essential for organizations to be employers of choice and for global communities to maintain their vitality. Today's leaders need time-tested, practical, and dynamic "sage advice" to deal with the perils of an increasingly complex world. The Queer wisdom that Dr. Brown highlights will help any leader promote sustainable growth, foster equity and connection, and demonstrate human-centered leadership as the global landscape continues to change and evolve in the 21st century. The LGBTQ+ community is multifaceted, talented, and gifted in so many ways. Yet there are forces in society that continue to silence and discriminate against LGBTQ+ people. Given the challenges we face in this day and age with climate change, poverty, war, extremism, displacement, and repression, strong leadership and wisdom are critical. It's time to broaden our perspective and open our eyes to a way of being that encourages everyone to reach their potential and be proud of who they are.
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