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Jessica Bantom

Design for Identity: How to Design Authentically for a Diverse World


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Design is a way of expressing ourselves, providing a service, and creating something new. But if designers are supposed to design for everyone, why is the profession so lacking in diversity? In her book, Jessica Bantom explores the implications of design in everyday life, from spaces and products to images and the fashion industry. She argues that too often, design concepts are based on assumptions and stereotypes that do not reflect the lives and values of the people who use them. This can lead to designs that are alienating and even offensive to certain groups. Bantom proposes a new approach to design called "human-centered design." This approach starts by understanding the needs and experiences of the people who will be using the design. It then uses this understanding to create solutions that are inclusive and equitable.
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Publish Your Purpose



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Business - General

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