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Karla M. Jay

A Shot at Justice


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

How far would you be willing to go? Wyatt Dardin is a successful junkyard operator, artist, and dog owner who believes his violent childhood is behind him. However, when a child shows up with a broken arm and a story about his abusive father, Wyatt is unable to stand idly by. He confronts the man and inadvertently kills him. Wyatt buries the body on his property, realizing that whether it was justified or not, it finally feels good to be doing something to stop abusers. Wyatt's childhood memories of his abusive father resurface as he sets out to find his mother, who fled their home many years ago. He wonders if she is still alive. On his journey west, he encounters another story of abuse. He is faced with the question of whether or not to kill the abuser, and if so, how many killings are necessary to deter other potential abusers. He briefly befriends a young man who is mentally broken due to his father's abuse. Wyatt takes pity on him and helps him, but this act of kindness sparks a series of events that puts everything and everyone Wyatt holds dear in grave danger. Has his shot at justice been worth it?
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Book Circle Press



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