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Laurisa Brandt

Birthright of Scars: Rising


2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

"The problem with a dead legend, is that there's always the threat of him resurrecting. And anytime he does will be inconvenient for those in power." The Tourmaline Renegade rises in this epic new series. Disrel, a Pyron rebel, never expected to fall in love with Ambrosia, a sable commander. The Kobalt empire had spent decades suppressing Pyron culture. Emperor Cinnabar had even designed the walled Pyron sector with the sole purpose of exterminating the Pyrons. Disrel had little left except his sister. He refused to accept death without a fight. When the state mandated that all Pyrons relocate to the walled sector, Disrel did not hesitate to don a mask and replace the capitol flag with one that proclaimed Pyron is free. He didn't expect his simple act of defiance to become the symbol of an empire-wide revolution. By the time dawn broke, a sable commander renowned for catching renegades was on his trail. Disrel was driven into the center of the resistance against the state. Ambrosia, the sable commander, was ready for the challenge of pulling Pyron resistors off Tourmal's streets. But the layers of unrest in the capitol went deeper than a masked renegade inciting insurrection. She was locked in a deadly dance between conviction and duty, comrades and terrorists. She needed flawless loyalty to the state to survive, but Disrel kept getting in her way. Disrel and Ambrosia were thrust into each other's paths, as renegade and sable, as citizens of the empire struggling to survive the upheaval. But as their feelings for each other grew, they would have to choose: one love destined to destroy them both, or the fate of an empire?
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Publication Year:

Amber Gryphon Press



Category Awarded:


Science Fiction

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